guru bhojalrambapa

Garvo Girnar has been sitting onthe land of Saurashtra as if any Jogindar for centuries.Many devotees has been created in the company of yogis, worshipping God.

Saurashtra is a land of Saints and devotees having strength of drawing incarnation in their hearts.The name of Bhojabhagat is front among the Saints who have flown holy river ganga of knowledge and divotion.

Rev.Bhojabhagat says in his own pad (form of poetry) that

“Bhaktane Bhagavant to ek kari janava;

Charane aave tenu kaj sare,
Bhojal bhavtanu nav nij nam chhe;
Krushna samare tenu kul tare.”

The name of loard krishna is as like as a boat which crosses the Sea -Universe.The devotees are never born,they are appeared.Bhojabhagat was born for performing welfare of the souls.Bhojabhagat was born in the kanabi family in the village Devkigalol which is situated near Girnar.On full moon day of Vaishak in 1785, Bhojabhagat was born. His father according to his name Karshan Bhagat was the devotee of shri krishna. Mother’s name was Gangabai.She was as sacred as holy river Ganga.From birth to twelve years.Bhojalram was brogt up having only milk.Bhojabhagat did not have a grain of food.So the parents were worried.The people beganto come to see him after listening the tales of miracles,and observing divine glory of child devotee.The fame of a child Bhojal began to spread all around.The period of twelve years is believed important for any achievement.Bhojabhagat had accomplished this kalpyog only in childhood.

An ascetic came from girnar to the village Devkigalol,finding out the house of Bhojabhagat. Knowledge and divotion met together.The ascentic named Rametvan offered initiation to Bhojabhagat.Guru recognized religious rites of Bhojabhagat.Only by vision of sadguru,Bhojabhagat’s mind concentrated.At the time of Mahabhart war,grand and glorious form of lord Krishna,seen by Arjun appeared in Sadguru by Bhojabhagat.Guru rametvan- placed his hand on the lead of Bhojalbapa and uttered Mahamantra great charm in the ear of Bhojalrambapa.Bhojabhagat has described in this way.

Guruji San Kari Samjaviya
Mahamantra shravane laine sunavya.

By the touch of Guru’s hand created divine vitality and awakened spiritual Rametvan blessed Bhojabhagat and said to his parents that their child would be a great saint in future.By his name,the miracles would be created.Then Guru ordered Bhojalram to have food.Guru Rametvan disappeared in Girnar woods.Bhojabhagat met Guruji with physical body-only one time.

Two hundred years ago,at the time of monarchy,the condition of farmer families was very critical.There was drougut,if god might be dispreased.or If the king-owner of the village.Bhojalrambapa determined to give up the village Devkigalol due to drought sense of unsecurity and political chaos.

Naran Patel Dhorajiya the maternala unt’s son of Bhojalrambapa lived at chakkargadh village in Amreli proince.The devotee family decided to migrate to the gayakwadi State.This highly spiritulized person Bhojabhagat descended at Chakkargadh village as if gangaji descends on the earth from Himalayas and setteled there.

Then he was anxious to worship to god,building a hermitage at peaceful place.There was a barren hill two miles away from Amreli.He saw this barren hill.

There were places of folk deities on this hill.That place was lovey and ferlile,peaceful and atmosphere was beautiful.Holy Thebi river was covered with thick trees and chirping hermitage on this barren hill.There was no making calls of people on this ghostly hill. Because it was rumour about gheste livingon this hill.Bhojabhagat wished to settle at this hill,believing the deed of life of the destriction of blind faith and superstition.The fear of ghost was removed from the minds of the people.The triumph (Phatch)was got over devilish world.So the name of the village was called Fattepur.Nowadays it is known as pilgrimage place.”Bhojaldham” for all religions and for all castes.

Bhakta Jalaram of Virpur who was known as ‘Jala So Ala’ in Saurashtra awakened refinements,of former.existence.Jalarmbapa told his wife Virbai that he would have to go to shri Bhojalrambapa of Fattepur and make him Guru for selfrealization.He would feel well done if he would be accepted as a discipte,otherwise he would live in that holy place of Bhojalrambapa as a stone.But he would never return Virpur.When a powerful desire appeares in the heart of ascentic,the grace of Guru showers upon him unlimited by.

When Jalaram of Virpur came to Fattepur,Bhojabhagat has sat on the ground of hermitage.It was morning time.Welcoming Jalarambapa,Bhojalrambapa said to him,come ‘Jalaram;.By this one word Jalarambapa realized and told him that he had made him ‘Jalaram’ from ‘Jala’ and requested him to accept as a disscipte .Bhojalrambapa offered him ‘Gurudikssha’.Jalarambapa lived with Bhojabhagat for long time.The miracles and the life of Jalarambapa is famous.

Once Bhojalrambapa arranged a ‘Mandap Mela’in fattepur. At that time thousands of devotees and saints came to Fattepur.The people had never seen such a crowd.Though it was a small village,there were number of people up to river bank.It was winter time.Jalarambapa along with Valamrambapa as well as the leaders of Amreli took care of management.Jalarambapa who was young aged disciple had a doubt whether the cooked food might be exausted. It was a problem for him where to manage for sleeping men.So that Jalarambapa asked Bhojalrambapa again and again what would they do.

Gurudev - Bhojalrambapa came to know the problem of Jalarambapa and said him to trust Thakorji.After sometime came to Guruji and said that every thing was all right.All the saints slept.Then Jalarambapa asked Guru Maharaj where he fell (tosleep) Bhojalrambapa said,”you fall in pat”. There are two meanings of pat.The first - pat means- a cot made from wood.The Second meaning is - a pit filled with water in the river.Jalarambapa understood second meaning perhaps and went away to the river Thebi. Jalarambapa thought deeply and asked himself how he would fall in pat in severe cold.But it was order of Guruji.He fell into the pat in the river.He had to spend whole night standing up in cold water of Thebi. Meanwhile at the time of 4-00 a.m.Bhojalrambapa took off to bath in the river while all were sleeping.Guru Maharaj I am standing here because you said go and fall in pat”Bhojabhagat under stood allthe matter and with love he embraced Jalarambapa.Tears came into the eyes of Bhojalrambapa.As a mother asks a child with love,in the same way,Bhojalrambapa asked Jalarambapa how he could spend night in severe cold in that pat and he also asked if he did not feel cold.Jalarambapa replied that by the warmth of his promise,he did not feel any cold.Experienced Gurubhakti Bhojalrambapa blessed him and said that his soul was blessing that he would be surpassing than he.His fame would spread in all directions.Achievement would be created by only his name.His fame would be forever till water would exist on the earth.Bhojalrambapa said,” I feel well done.I have gained a disciple like you.” and said to Jalaram that even god himself would have to come to see him. Building a hermitage, Bhojalram lived in Fattepur.With a time of passage, the group of the disciples inereased.The saints and monks began to come to Bhojaldham.They needed rooms.Bhojalrambapa and Jalarambapa began to build themselves. Jalarambapa carried iron vessel on his shoulder having mixture of earth and built rooms.

Bhojabhagat had a disciple Jalaram as well as Valamram.He was a saint and besides a social reformer.

Valamram was born in Gariyadhar in Vikram Savant 1880, Jeth Sud Bij.Gariyadhar is located in Bhavnagar District.
Once some boys were playing under a thick banyan tree at gariyadhar.It was noon.A cart pulling,two white bullocks came to that banyan tree.The driver of the cart had also put on a white dress.A new comer had a white turban on his head and worn a white kediya,tilak,on a forehead,and Tulasi rosary in the neck.The bullocks were released from the cart fo have rest.One of the playing boy drew his attention to the cartman.He went to the cartman and recognized him immediately and said that he was his Guru Bhojabhagat of Fattepur,Seeing in the dream.He bowed guru Bhojabhagat and told him his tale of dream and requested Bhojabhagat making his disciple tying up Kanthi.Bhojabhagat tied Kanthi to Vala and made him Valamram,Keeping his hand over him and blessed him.

Once Bhojalrambapa ordered Jalarmbapa to build Sadavrat(the place where food is given free to all)in Virpur and serve the saints but he refused.On one condition.Jalaram bapa was ready to go to Virpur that bapa would breath his last near him at Virpur.Bhojalram bapa agreed with him.Nowadays this Annakshetra is very famous world wide.

On the occasion of farewell,Bhojabhagat told relatives and devotees that according toJalarambapa’s promise he would give up his life near him.

According to tradition Bhojalrambapa offered his relatives as a symbol of monument: Kankupagala a rosary as well as a turban which are worshipped as prasad of bapa.At the age of 65 in Savant 1906,Bhojalrambapa breuthed his last near his disciple.Jalarambapa. Divine flame of Bhojalrambapa merged in the Sublimation of Brahma.

wo miles away from Amreli,the holy place Fattepur where lord Ddwarkadhish had come there to see him is very famous.